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Ole Graphics Pty Ltd is a creative collective finely tuned over 20 years of practice. It is founded on the principle that marketers and designers work in a partnership that is transparent, trusted and task driven. We are upfront about our capabilities and costs, processes and principles and professional in our approach and attitude. Not surprisingly, our clients are equally open and supportive.


At Ole Graphics, we offer traditional graphic design services across a variety of print media through to cutting edge screen delivery. We create visual communication experiences that make you Listen to your Eyes and See the Sound!

Ole Graphics

Graphic Design

So, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Our visual communication solutions are designed to speak your corporate language so clearly and consistently that your target audience will happily 'Listen to their Eyes!'

Ole Graphics


Conceptual sketching and doodling is intrinsic to creative thought. We like to make you speak through funny caricatures but also enjoy creating artist impressions of projects

Ole Graphics

Screen Presentation

We engineer our visuals for intuitive interaction and clear delivery of message. We incorporate movement and audio to enhance communication in such a way that your audience will 'See the Sound!'

Ole Graphics

Print Design

We have been doing prepress final art before bromides and rubylith became extinct. Paper, finishing and embellishments really get us excited. We have produced stickers, T-shirts, newsletters, tenders, cards, banners... everything!

Ole Graphics

Special Output

Whether it's printing direct to plastic, designing a reception area with custom wallpaper and engraved signage we have done it. Working innovatively with fabricators and pushing materials and processes really excites us.


We are a Brisbane based visual communication solution provider. We can design you an identity and apply it to print collateral, vehicles, advertising and website. Corporate Marketing & Communications and Business Development functions work seamlessly with us. We love modern design principles and love pushing creative software techniques.

March 2018

Building Manager

Why does Ole Graphics love to create custom wallpaper?

Because of the HUGE impact! When the lift door opens on any floor of Thiess Head Office at South Bank you know exactly which floor you are on. The level 5 meeting rooms with full colour glass graphics give the right level of privacy while keeping the space fresh. The Café logo and menu boards looked that good we decided to ask Ole to design the new reception counter and the result is quite a statement.

Read more and see pics

December 2018

Business Development Manager

Let's make an interactive Christmas card. Let's make it a fun game. Let's develop an App!

Ole conceptualised and gave birth to 'Lucky' our Christmas Roo (LCR). Lucky has been making an appearance in xmas greetings for LCR Group for a few years now so lets do something a bit different said Col Partington CEO and MD. Ole built a game and then worked with our inhouse programming guru to develop the app which can be downloaded from our website.

Read More and play game

October 2019

Communications Manager

Powerpoint on steroids! Not really, it's just After effects!

Harding Performance conference got all reved up when the 'Powerpoint' slides started to zoom around like our finely tuned vehicles. Delegates were also impressed by the slideshow loop on the HD digital photo frame.

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Memory Fip-card game

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Slump Glass

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Positively Healthy

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Trade Show

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